Natural mink hair eyelashes – model A11

Product: natural mink hair – model A11
Material: 100% natural mink hair
Color of eyelashes: black

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– Easy and comfortable to wear and remove.
– Suitable for both daily make-up and night-time.
–  Suitable for multiple use (more than 20 times) when properly maintained.

Steps for applying eyelashes:
1.Carefully pull the eyelashes out of the box with the appropriate pincette.
2.Clean the silicone – the built-in glue of the eyelashes, so they can fit your eyes better. In case you need you can cut the lashes to the length of your eyelid.
3.Apply the glue to the thin strip of lashes and wait for 30-40 seconds.
4.The eyelashes are placed on the eyelid just next to your natural line, but not on the lashes themselves. Place the eyelashes from the middle of the eye and then adjust them at both ends to follow the natural line of your eyelashes.
5.After putting the eyelashes, gently press the whole part by holding the two edges for a few seconds to keep them as tight as possible.

If you can not properly align the lashes with yours, just peel them off from the eye, remove the dried glue and try again.

Steps to remove the eyelashes:
1.Grasp the eyelashes from the outside and carefully peel them off.
2.If there are glue residues on your eyelid, you can clean it with toilet milk or face cream.
3. Remove excess glue and put the eyelashes in the box for later use.

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