Indian clipped hair 50cm. 200gr.

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Remy hair
High quality hair
100% natural hair
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High-class 100% natural Indian hair with a preserved hair direction that ensures that hair does not get tangled. The Indian hair has no silicone coating, which means that even after washing, the hair will remain as it has been. If you want a hair that you will permanently place and use for longer, Indian hair is the right choice.

Deliveries for the whole country are made by courier company Econt and with pre-pay preview option. The delivery time is one business day or the day that a given place is served by the courier company. Upon receipt of the ordered product, each customer has a review option before payment.

If the product does not meet your expectations or requirements, you can cancel the shipment after the Review option, but you will have to pay courier services in both directions.

How to order

With Remy’s hair, the structure of the hair has a reserved cuticle, and at the stitch of the hair itself, all hairs are stacked in one direction – from top to bottom. Remy technology ensures that hair will not get tangled in use and will therefore be used for longer.

The Asian hair is natural, containing a percentage of impurities (synthetic) that do not affect and is subject to any heat treatment and dyeing. The Indian hair is the higher class we offer. It’s 100% natural Remy hair and is subject to thermal treatment as well as dyeing. We also recommend it for permanent placement.

Indian hair is appropriate if you decide to extend your hair by one of the permanent fitting methods because the hair is 100% natural Remy Hair and will not create a problem in constant wearing.

You can view color photos uploaded to our site. If you still have difficulty determining the most accurate color, then our consultants will be happy to help you in your selection. For this purpose, you need to send us a photo of your hair by email, our facebook page, or a viber on the contact number.

The durability of each hair depends mainly on the quality of the hair. The other main factors for its durability are related to how you maintain it, how often you treat it and how it is placed. It is for the reasons given above that each customer is strictly individually the time he will use the extension. As a guideline period for proper maintenance and treatment, our Indian hair lasts for over a year and the Asian for about 6 months.

Hair maintenance is the most important factor determining how long you will use it. It is better to observe the following rules for maintenance: Washing: For clipped hair, it is recommended to wash it once every 2 weeks if you wear it on a daily basis. We recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and balm (mask). The hair is washed with upward movements down the direction of the hair to prevent tangling. Do not fix your hair wet unless there is a mask, conditioner, conditioner without washing or product easy to comb. After washing, you can dry it with a hairdryer or let it dry on its own. Combing: Comb your hair with a wide comb or a natural hair brush for extensions.  Heat treatment: It is recommended to use lower degrees (up to 210) for heat treatment, protecting the extension. Obligatory use a thermal spray before curling and straightening. Dyeing: If you need to dye your hair, it is not necessary to spend more than 15 minutes for darkening. If lightening is needed, this is done with a blonde, and it is not recommended as it will drain the hair a lot. We recommend you to tie or braid your hair while sleeping.

You can make an order on our site as well as at our facebook page.

The Hair has no guarantee because everyone treats the hair in different ways and can not determine how long it will last.

The delivery for the whole country is made for 1 business day with courier company Econt. For all other countries you can ask our consultant.

First you have to decide whether you want to remove and put your hair every day or you want a permanent placement by making maintenance at a certain time. -Placing rows with caps, -Placing rows by stitching, -Placing stickers, -Putting micro ring clumps, -Placing keratin clumps . Regarding the choice of method you can consult a hairdresser or our consultant.

With proper maintenance and placement, the extension will not damage your hair. What should be the minimum length of my hair to use an extension? Approximately 8 cm should be the length of your hair.

Chlorine and salt water can dry the hair extension. Wash the hair afterwards and put hydration products.


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