Salon Vanet

Salon Vanet

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Salon Vanet is the most popular online shop for hair extension and is one of the largest importers of natural hair for extension. Here you can find 100% natural hair. We guarantee you a mirror-like gloss and a cashmere softness of the placed extensions, mixing them with your hair is seamless.

We at Salon Vanet strongly believe that each woman’s hair is her crown that she should wear with her head raised. Our main mission is to transform your vision with our beautiful hair for extension and show you that the long, dense and shiny hair is no longer a dream, but something completely real and possible that you will find in us.

our products

our products

In our online shop for natural hair you can find Indian and Asian hair from natural hair as well as absolutely everything you need to maintain and fit your hair. We offer a wide range of colors, hair classes and extension methods. Tails, clips, clumps, caps, clips and everything else to change and enrich your hair. The right place is just one – Salon Vanet




Our extensions are made by high-end natural hair and are consistent with our high quality requirements, which guarantee you a perfect vision.


Our natural hair is subject to any heat treatment and can be dyed and treated like your own hair.


Our rich palette of colors allows you to experiment with a different vision without the risk of damaging your own hair.

Salon Vanet

Salon Vanet

Recommendations for the maintenance of hair extensions

Maintaining the hair is extremely important. You should not forget that the extensions have no way to feed themselves. The hair is not greasy like that of your hair. Hair needs constant nutrition with appropriate hair cosmetics. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your hair shiny and healthy for a longer time.


Wash your extensions as you wash your hair, but no more than 1-2 times a week


An important rule is to wash the extensions in the direction from the root to the top of the hair.


Do not squeeze your hair while it’s wet – it’s the easiest way to break your hair.


Do not use a press on damp hair. The basic rule is to use the press only on perfectly dry hair.


Divide your hair 2-3 times a day, using a special hair brush for this purpose.


Only use quality cosmetics (shampoo, conditioner, crystals, masks) to maintain the extensions.



I am very pleased with the price and quality of the hair I bought from Salon Vanet!

Simona Nikolova


The hair is great! You have totally fulfilled my expectations! Thanks!

Iva Todorova


The hair I bought is very nice! Thank you for the correctness!

Maya Kisyova


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